Taste Test: Whole Foods’ 365 Organic Animal Cookies

There’s a whole lot to like about these childhood classics
Dan Myers

These are some high-quality animal cookies.

There’s a whole lot to like about the animal cookies produced for Whole Foods’ organic house brand, 365. First, they’re shaped like animals (bear, fox, buffalo, elephant, camel, goat, cougar, and lion, to be specific). Second, they’re organic. Third, they taste better than what you probably remember from your childhood, the classic animal crackers in the little cardboard box.

These cookies come in a big 16-ounce bag, and smell just like the animal crackers you remember. Take a bite, though, and it’s a whole different experience. They’re light and crisp, not too sweet, buttery, have a subtle vanilla flavor, and almost resemble a shortbread cookie. They also pair very well with tea and are begging to be softened up by a dunk into a glass of milk. All our tasters liked these, with one saying, "If British people had a zoo-themed party, these should be there." Both kids and adults will like these guys.

Each serving of 10 cookies contains 4 grams of fat, 140 calories, 23 grams of carbohydrates, and 7 grams of sugar. 


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