Taste Test: Whole Foods’ 365 Lightly Salted Baked Potato Chips

The Daily Meal team samples the goods for you
Whole Foods' 365 Chips
Dan Myers

Whole Foods' 365 Chips

Everyone’s looking for a crunchy, salty, potato-y alternative to fattening chips these days, and we decided to sample the ones offered by Whole Foods’ house brand, 365. A 5-ounce bag sells for $2.99, and contains 2 grams of fat and 110 calories per 1-ounce serving. Because the chips are made from dehydrated potatoes they have an appearance more similar to Pringles than your standard potato chip.

One taster thought that they "taste like Baked Lay’s, but crunchier and more dippable, which makes it better. A dippable chip is a good chip," she said. Another thought that they were good and crunchy, and a third thought they had "more substance and a nicer crunch than Baked Lay’s."


But not everyone agreed that they were anything special. "It tastes like every baked potato chip I’ve tried," said one taster, and another thought it tasted "like nothing." A third thought it was "a little drier than a regular chip, and pretty bland." The next taster thought they tasted "like carbs, but not in a satisfying way." "Not bad compared to the competition," most agreed.