Taste Test: Weight Watchers Smart Ones’ New Products

We tried the spicy chicken slider and 2 new pizzas
Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza
Dan Myers

Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza

Weight Watchers Smart Ones has come out with a few new products geared toward those looking to eat healthy but who still want to enjoy something borderline unhealthy every once in a while. We decided to sample their newest offerings, spicy chicken sliders, thin-crust cheese pizza, and thin-crust pepperoni pizza, and for frozen food, the results weren’t bad.

Our favorite item of the three, the spicy chicken slider, is a small sandwich of a breaded chicken patty in between a soft bun. It had all the trappings of a good fried chicken sandwich (minus the crunch), and surprisingly packed in a lot of flavor. It was a real chicken breast fillet, and the breading was certainly spicy, but not overbearingly so. They’re quite small, though, so if you’re planning on turning it into a meal we’d recommend eating both of the sandwiches that come in a pack (don’t eat too many, though: each one contains 8 grams of fat and 190 calories). And you might need to spruce it up a bit; all that’s between the buns is the chicken.


Their other two offerings, thin-crust cheese and pepperoni pizza, weren’t especially impressive but weren’t off-putting either. The crust developed a nice crunch in the microwave, and they didn’t skimp on the cheese. The pepperoni was the real deal as well, and with only 9 grams of fat (10 for the pepperoni offering), it’s not a bad way to satisfy a pizza craving. We wouldn’t place it in the upper echelon of frozen pizza, but there are certainly plenty of worse ones out there.