Taste Test: Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

In the past few years, peanut butter filled pretzels — little nuggets of crispy pretzel shell filled with peanut butter — have been exploding in popularity. We sampled the ones offered by Trader Joe's house brand, and while they're not the best on the market, there's still plenty to like about them.

The pretzel shell is super-thin, and shatters nicely when you bite into it. By itself, it tastes like your standard hard pretzel, and is very crispy and crunchy (Trader Joe's could sell these shells on their own and they'd do great). The same can't really be said for the peanut butter, which is quite crumbly and dry, possibly from its trip through the oven. When eaten in one bite, you get some flavors of peanut butter, but not nearly as much of it as our panelists hoped for.

All in all, these will do in a pinch if you're looking to combine the flavors of pretzels and peanut butter in one tasty morsel. And while they're certainly tasty, you'd probably be more satisfied by taking a pretzel nugget and dunking it into a jar of Jif. 

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