'Taste Taiwan' Chefs Selected For Culinary Tour Of Taiwan

Three lucky North American chefs have been chosen to participate in the "Taste Taiwan" culinary tour, arranged by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Nominations for chefs were accepted from Los Angeles, New York, and Vancouver, Canada, and after an extensive review process of the "overwhelming number of nominations," the Taiwan Tourism Bureau selected three chefs based on their professional experience and culinary skills. The selected "Taste Taiwan" chefs are Bryant Wigger, from Los Angeles restaurant Trattoria Neapolis, chef Michael Ferraro from New York restaurant Delicatessen, and chef Thomas Heinrich from Vancouver.

The three chefs are invited to Taiwan for an eight-day culinary tour of the island, from Dec. 2 to 10, which will be recorded for a short TV production. The three chefs will be joined by a film crew as they dine at Taiwan's finest restaurants, experience fresh produce markets, night markets, and culinary institutes.  The recorded footage will then be condensed into a 30-minute show, set to air in the U.S. in 2014. Upon returning to their respective cities, the chefs will also host a "Taste Taiwan" culinary event at their restaurants to launch a new Taiwan-inspired menu in 2014.