Target’s Brilliant Everyday Collection Food and Fashion Show

Are runways inspired by Twitter a new trend?

That's the best add for bacon we've seen yet.

It’s nearly impossible that you’ve missed these commercials for Target’s new Everyday Collection since they’re essentially on every channel every 15 minutes, but if you have, let’s bring you up to date. The commercials consist of models in sharp, ready-to-wear white outfits showcasing items like cake mix, eggs, diapers and other everyday purchase items.

The seemingly simple commercials have gained a tremendous amount of buzz due to their — for lack of a better word — randomness.

To capitalize on the campaign's success, on Jan. 23 Target unveiled its tweet-to-runway fashion show, which showcased the collection of everything from toilet paper to pizza rolls to potato chips with a side of whimsy. Each item that was displayed was inspired by an "everyday" tweet by those in the Twittersphere.

For instance, a jar of pickles was spotlighted thanks to a tweet by @MarciaElise that read, "Whoever invented dill pickles is a genius." That’s just one of dozens of tweets that were read during the more-than-an-hourlong show.

The best part of it all? The models read these tweets with a straight face — and believe us, they were hilarious. Just another example of a brilliant fusion of fun, fashion, and food.

If you want to check out some of the other "everyday tweets" search #everydayshow on Twitter.

Take a peek at the show below.