Target Introduces Organic Brand

With the new brand “Simply Balanced” Target hopes to increase grocery sales

The brand will eventually include 250 products

Huffington Post reports that Target has announced the launch of a new organic and natural store brand to be sold in the store’s grocery department. The aim of the new line is to increase revenue in the grocery department of the store, which accounted for 20% of Target’s sales last year.

The brand will be called “Simply Balanced” and will include 250 products in total. To start, the company will introduce drinks and snacks.

The line is an outgrowth from the company’s Archer Farms store brand, which includes similar products. It is an alternative to other premium national brands. The introduction of multiple brands is a trend seen among stores across the nation. Having “tiered” brands within the company allows the store to offer both a brand that is a cheaper alternative as well as a nicer, more expensive brand for buyers wanting to shop premium.


The decision to launch the “Simply Balanced” brand is because of the popularity of organic foods, which is steadily increasing. There is also a national push for large stores to improve their image, and Target hopes that with this launch they can be a one-stop store for customers.