Tailgating: The Essentials

Set the scene for the big game with these must-haves

The portable grill is packed and the trunk is loaded with a case of beer — are there any other tailgating essentials? Yes, lots of them. While tailgating is meant to be a group effort and an afternoon of frivolous fun, it doesn't hurt to be properly equipped to ensure an even better time before the big game or that killer concert. 

The tailgating necessities don't end with chips, dip, and a package of hot dogs. After the beer is tapped and the grill is fired up, it’s time to enjoy the day and what better way to do so than with the right tools. Rain or shine, we’re determined to turn your ordinary tailgate into an entertaining extravaganza.

Water-Resistant Blanket Tote — This reversible blanket is the ideal essential for kicking off the fall season. With water-resistant PVC on one side and snuggly fleece on the other, it’s perfect for every occasion, from outdoor sporting events to family picnics.

Fusion Chair — Bring it with you even when you're drinking outdoors. You need this chair, that’s final. Equipped with everything you need, it has a cooler on the left and a table with shelf space on the right, perfect for tailgating or enjoying an outdoor concert.

3-in-1 Can and Bottle Cooler — Make sure your six-pack or sodas stay cold with this cool beverage carrier.

Reusable Red Cups — If you’re big on entertaining, chances are red plastic cups are a familiar item on your party list. You'll feel better chucking these in the dishwasher instead of the trash, and not to mention these cups will outperform your average red cup in terms of keeping that beverage cold — thicker plastic means better insulation.

Beer Pong Portable Tailgate Table — This folds up to practically the size of a briefcase so there's no excuse not to have it with you at all times, just in case a big game should pop up. Just bring the red cups, the ping pong balls, and the booze and you're good to go.

Football Folding Table with Seats — Perfect for a tailgating picnic and fitting with the theme of the day, yes?

Party Cup Kooler— Party with the same gang before every game? Make it official with these custom bottle holders.