Taco Bell Vows to Be Healthier by 2020

But what will happen to the Doritos Locos Tacos?

Munchies-purveyor and late-night Doritos Locos Tacos creator Taco Bell is reportedly trying to class up its act, USA Today reports. The quasi-Mexican chain announced that by 2020, 20 percent of its combo meals will meet a third of the government's recommended dietary guidelines.

"Our customer tastes and needs are evolving," Greg Creed, CEO at Taco Bell, told USA Today. "They want more balanced options."

"More balanced options" obviously means healthier meals, as Taco Bell has plenty of "healthier" fast-casual concepts to compete with. The chain will reportedly test a range of "better-for-you" products starting this year, launching new products in 2014.

The chain has been trying to balance healthy with trashy for some time, launching Lorena Garcia's Cantina Bell menu last year while developing a second Doritos Locos Taco (Cool Ranch flavored, obviously).

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No word on what these "healthy" products might be, but Creed says that the chain will also promote its new Fresco menu, which forgoes sauces and cheese for a "healthier" pico de gallo. But one nutritionist says what everyone else is thinking: "Does anyone actually go to Taco Bell who is worried about calories or sodium?" Robyn Flipse, a nutritionists asks USA Today. Our thoughts exactly.