Taco Bell Fire-Sauce Packet Cookie Cutters Will Spice Up Your Baking

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Taco Bell cookie cutters
Taco Bell

Want to spice up your cookie baking? Taco Bell is selling two cookie cutters that let bakers bring the chain’s Mexican food favorites home. One is shaped like a crispy-shelled taco, and the other is shaped like Taco Bell’s classic fire-sauce packet.

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The cookie cutters are sold in a set including both the taco and the fire-sauce shape. Each cutter comes with a stamp to press details into the cookie. The stamp for the sauce packet cutter presses  the FIRE! wording and packet design details into the cookie, and the taco stamp presses an edge on the taco shell that helps show off the veggies and other taco filling. Hope you've got a steady hand with an icing bag!

The set sells for $15 at the online Taco Bell Taco Shop. Taco Bell didn’t respond to a request for comment as to when the cookie cutters were released, but they seem to be new.

If fire sauce and tacos are among your favorite things, the store offers plenty of other non-edible accessories. You might want to pick up a pair of fire-sauce socks ($15), a hot-sauce pillow ($30), a set of three hot-sauce packet balloons ($20), a fire-sauce packet notebook ($15) and hot-sauce packet iPhone cases ($10 each).


Some of these items would be great for a Taco Bell wedding – hint, hint. And cookie tacos are adorable, but maybe you’re craving a regular taco. Here are America’s 75 best tacos.