Taco Bell Confirms Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos, Testing New 'Flamas' Flavor

The follow-up to Doritos Locos Tacos has been long rumored
Taco Bell
Wikimedia Commons/ Steven DePolo

Taco Bell

The premise seemed so simple: take a Dorito, expand it into a taco shell format, hand it over to Taco Bell and let them fill it with their unique brand of beefy goodness, and put it up for sale. The Doritos Locos Taco debuted March 8, 2012, and within 10 weeks it had become Taco Bell's best-selling new release ever, with 100 million units of the product sold.

But the hungry masses weren’t satisfied, and began clamoring for more. The taco’s astonishing success got the wheels turning in the heads of Taco Bell brass, and the next product presented itself: the Cool Ranch Doritos taco. It’s been rumored to have been in the planning stages for quite some time now, but now we just might have gotten the first official confirmation that it’s on its way: CEO Greg Creed appeared on CBS This Morning on Tuesday and confirmed that, in fact, the product will be released to the general public soon, even though he didn’t provide a date.

But that’s not even all: one Ohio newspaper has noticed that locations in Toledo have a new item on their menu: Flamas. It’s a chile-lime flavored Dorito, and is a bit spicier than its nacho cheesy cousin.

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2013 is looking like a very good year for flavored taco shells!