Synder’s Introduces New Ranch Flavor Potato Chips

Snyder’s-Lance Inc. has brought a new flavor of kettle-cooked chips to retailers and consumers nationally

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Snyder’s-Lance Inc., owner of snack brands like Lance sandwich crackers and Cape Cod potato chips, and the well-known Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, has launched Cape Cod Farm Stand Ranch Waffle Cut chips, a thicker cut chip with buttermilk ranch flavor, according to NASDAQ.

Customers know the Cape Cod brand for their crispy, kettle-cooked style with flavors like sea salt & vinegar, mesquite barbeque, and jalapeno, but this innovation and flavor of chip is new. The new chip is thicker and waffle cut, and buyers of the chip brand expect this quality from Cape Cod. Faith Atwood, marketing manager for Cape Cod Potato Chips, told PR Newswire, “Consumers are becoming more adventurous with their snacking choices and exploring more sophisticated flavor combinations than in the past."

Two flavors of the Cape Cod waffle-cut style exist already, sea salt and seasoned pepper, but this new flavor shows consumers that Snyder’s is looking to expand and do something different. Atwood told PR Newswire, “At Cape Cod, we are always looking for new ways to be innovative.”


The chips are actually much healthier than their counterparts like Lays and Wise in that they’re cooked in 100% canola oil, are all natural, and are gluten and preservative-free. Look for the new snack in major retails or at Cape Cod’s website.