Sydney Cafe Giving Free Coffee for Kisses

A promotion at the Metro St. James Cafe gives out free coffee to couples who kiss

Sydney Cafe Giving Free Coffee for Kisses

The Metro St. James Café in Sydney, Australia, is advertising an interesting promotion for the month of June – free coffee for kisses.

Located in the historical Hyde Park area by the St. James Station, this vibrant coffee shop opened in the beginning of March and is attracting customers with this alluring advertisement. The Metro St. James Café is all about the chic, with its atmosphere and style influenced by Parisian and New York cafés.

On the café’s Facebook page, it is described as having a “unique and relaxed atmosphere.” The “Pay With a Kiss” promotion is for June only, and requires that couples kiss each other in order to receive their coffee for free. The Facebook page boasts, “We’re not accepting your money, just your kisses.”

The promotion is for June only and is only valid from 9 to 11 AM.

Despite the romanticism of this idea, there are some troubling details concerning the promotion. One waiter describes that it needs to be a real kiss, and they are able to tell if you are faking it. Despite this somewhat creepy undertone, the promotion does encourage all couples to participate, encouraging diversity.

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Hopefully this romantic gesture will help to spread the love throughout the neighborhood.