The Sweetest Green Wedding Favors

Green Bride Guide talks green wedding favors

Kathryn Collins

In a world of shrinking resources, and increasing awareness of the environmental impact of our choices as consumers, it makes sense to look at green options for favors. We all know that the traditional tchotchkes usually end up in the trash. There are better ways to show your appreciation to your guests, though, like edible favors! Some of my favorites are customized cupcakes, chocolates, French macarons, and iced decorated cookies.

Cupcakes are a fun favor. They can echo the flavor choices in your wedding or shower cake, or be completely different. And who doesn’t love a cupcake? They are the perfect size for a one-serving take home treat, and can be creatively customized to suit your wedding theme, colors, or style.

French macarons are also a huge favor trend, and honestly, have less packaging than a cupcake, so are even greener still. "Macaron" is not a typo... these aren't the deliciously chewy and sweet coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate that you've had in the springtime, or perhaps at a Passover Seder. They are feather-light (and naturally gluten-free) cookies made from almond flour and egg white that are pure heaven when crafted to perfection. They are joined together in a sandwich cookie by a butter cream, fruit gelée, or chocolate ganache filling. Actually, perfecting the French mac is such a technical feat that it is considered one of the pinnacles of accomplishment in the pastry arts.

Macaron flavors can lean toward the exotic, such as passion fruit, pear, pumpkin pie, lavender, rose, and violet, as well as to the familiar: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and peanut butter.


As sumptuous as they are beautiful, custom chocolate favors can be found across all price ranges. My favorite custom chocolatier has amazing, custom made chocolates starting at just $2 per person. What a good chocolatier can craft for you is limited only by your imagination, and of course, your budget. They can make custom candy bars, and also custom-print the wrapper to coordinate with your colors or personalization.