'Sweet' Cooking Advice From Sam Talbot

A video interview with chef Sam Talbot on his new book, plus 3 must-try recipes

Chicken and Couscous

Heartthrob Sam Talbot isn’t just a pretty face — aside from being an accomplished chef, he also paints, surfs, paddleboards, practices yoga, and enjoys cooking and eating delicious food. But, unlike others who can claim the same successes in healthy and happy living, Talbot does all of this with type 1 diabetes.

Instead of letting a chronic and potentially dangerous condition prevent him from enjoying life, and one of its greatest pleasures, food, he tackles it head on and dominates the disease. In his new cookbook and lifestyle guide, The Sweet Life, Talbot takes readers through his experience of learning of his diagnosis at age 12, and explains how he manages to live a full life while balancing his love of good food and his health needs.

Though filled with tips for diabetics, the book is really for anyone looking to adopt a healthier way of life. Composed of approachable weeknight recipes, like the blackened chicken with toasted couscous below (a favorite of ours), the book provides healthy swap-outs for fresh, vibrant dishes.

For more of an inside glimpse into who Talbot is and what the book is about, watch the video below. Enjoy!



Kale Chips with Toasted Nori

Snackable kale chips are easy to make and a healthy alternative to other crunchy snacks. Topping them with toasted nori adds a boost of vitamin A and calcium.





Pulled Blackened Chicken with Toasted Couscous

Talbot cleverly toasts the couscous with spices and then uses a mix of almond milk and broth to cook it in. The result? An immense amount of flavor and fragrance. 





Frozen Coconut Yogurt with Cinnamon

Creamy coconut with the added flavor of cinnamon makes a wonderful and delicious dessert. 




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