Sushi Ota: Bringing Amazing Sushi to San Diego

Bringing Amazing Sushi to San Diego

San Diego has received enormous praise for its wide variety of restaurants, but one restaurant has received a lot of attention recently. Sushi Ota has been celebrated for the best available sushi in the area. Despite their random location next to a strip-mall with a slightly shabby atmosphere, owner and head chef Yukito Ota delivers exceptional sushi leaving every diner fully satisfied.

Ota’s menu doesn’t stray far from perfection. The restaurant functions on an omakase style, which is the chef’s choice tasting menu for a fixed price. While the omakase menu is widely popular and varies daily, some of the food options include golden ice snapper with watermelon radish and baby corn for the first course, followed by a plate of all different kinds of raw sushi like shrimp and tuna. The next course is usually cooked, with crab or sea bass atop of a bed of vegetables, or a tempura option with snapper, corn, and green pepper tempura. Lastly, an assortment of ice cream flavors is served for dessert.

While the restaurant might be small and cramped, the delicious food seems to make up for its faults. However, even though many feel the space could be improved, the place is always crowded, so a reservation is almost a requirement if you want to try this tasty food. Sushi Ota has been mentioned in Zagat’s Best Restaurants in 25 Cities as well as Feast Magazine. Nonetheless, Sushi Ota ensures all diners will have a memorable and tasteful dining experience.