Supermarket Shopping Guide For Healthy Eating

For those trying to stay fit and healthy - the supermarket can be a real issue and an area of our downfall. It is not that we are intentionally trying to sabotage our own weight loss efforts, its simply that the supermarkets are using clever subliminal marketing to get us to make impulsive food purchases. It's a fine art and something that the big chains spend billions of dollars getting right every year.

Sarah Heddon, a personal trainer in Manchester spends a lot of her time helping clients to make careful food choices. She knows that without clear guidelines we can all come out of the supermarket with a whole host of food items we never intended on purchasing. Here she summarises her quick guidelines:-

Always Shop on a Full Stomach. This may sound odd, but in fact, scientific studies have shown that we are far more inclined to grab food items that we would not normally choose when we feel hungry and our blood sugar levels are running low. In particular, high fat and high sugar foods are particularly tempting to us when our blood sugar is low and we're hungry. Do a shop when you've recently eaten and you are far more likley to walk straight past these temptations.

Make a List and Stick To It. All too often we are led by end-of-aisle special offers, buy-one-get-one-free and other such carrots that are dangled in front of us. The design of every supermakret is carefully put together to try to persuade us to make purchasing decisions. Those who shop with a clear list are far more likely to stick with their orgininal shopping basket items only.

Add Some Treats To Your List. We all like the odd treat and trying to abstain altogether is far more likely to result in us falling of the wagon in spectacular style. Add one or two treat items to your list, so that when you're walking past all those aisles you don't feel totally deprived. A small bar of dark chocolate or perhaps some yoghurt coated raisins. These treats are not so bad for us and will appease our sweet tooth.

Work Out The Weeks Food In Advance. Part of making a list is to only buy the things you need. So walk through the kitchen and see what you really need. Ideally you should be planning your meals ahead, so you know what you're having for dinner and lunch each day. This ensures that you buy exactly what you need and that you eat healthily. Most of us tend to order take-out when we've run out of food or just cannot decide upon what to cook.

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Following these simple guidelines will help you to start shopping sensible for your weekly groceries and will also help you to maintain a healthier physique.