Summer Zest: When Life Hands You Lemons, Use Them in Your Decor

There's nothing like a citrus-y colored wedding, complete with bold fruit accents, to make it an endless summer

A perfect add-on to any summer wedding are the bright, bold colors of limes and lemons—a great décor palette for table centerpieces and seating arrangements.
Use organic lemons or limes as part of your centerpieces, or as simple, crisp, and colorful seating card holders.

They will add brilliance to your decor, and then spruce up a meal or drink the next day as leftovers. No waste! Incorporating citrus fruits can also significantly cut down on your florals, as well (and that saves money, to boot!) Use the citrus fruits in bouquets, wreaths and even boutonnieres on your big day—and even at home.


Best of all, these bright colors have enough pop on their own, allowing eco-friendly brides to minimize other decorations. It's easy to see how a bouquet or centerpiece created with just a few gorgeous, bold yellow and green blooms can make a style impression just as well (if not better!) than a large spray of more subtle hues.