Summer Vegetarian Entertaining

Kick-start National Vegetarian Week with tips on how to host with a healthy mentality

No offense to vegetarians, but I just can’t do it. I am a carnivore, and I am rejoicing that it’s National Burger Month. However, National Vegetarian Week is officially underway, and so it’s time to celebrate healthy living all around. With Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, there are tons of opportunities to incorporate more greens and veggies into your party meals.

Because not all guests in attendance at a backyard bash or a BBQ will be huge meat eaters, it’s a time to experiment with in-season fresh produce in every course. To start, think about pleasing the masses with dips, crudités, and skewers that can be made with both fruits and vegetables. For pastas and soups, think squash pasta or a refreshing vegetarian gazpacho. And for entrées, fresh fish or grilled vegetables are fantastic for lighter fare.

When planning an event or party, don’t forget that you can incorporate this lifestyle into the décor as well, with herb centerpieces, table settings, and garnishes. Need ideas? Here are a few nuggets of inspiration for veggie-filled entertaining.

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