Subway’s 10 Unhealthiest Sandwiches

They can’t all be good for you

A 6-inch Sriracha Chicken Melt contains 26 grams of fat and 420 calories.

Subway has done a very good job pitching itself as a much healthier alternative to burger-based fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, but at the end of the day, it’s still a fast-food chain. And while there are plenty of healthy options to be found there, many items on their menu have just as much fat, calories, and sodium as its competitor under the Golden Arches. We’ve found the 10 unhealthiest items on Subway’s menu.

Subway’s 10 Unhealthiest Sandwiches (Slideshow)

Don’t get us wrong: Among the major fast-food chains (of which Subway is the largest), Subway has more healthy options than any other. Their kids’ meals are the healthiest offerings from any chain, and you’ll be out of luck should you ask for an order of french fries. Heck, Jared Fogle actually did lose a whole lot of weight by eating there every day. And their "6 Grams of Fat or Less" menu is about as healthy as it gets; their 6-inch turkey breast sub contains just 3.5 grams of fat and 280 calories with no cheese or mayo, making it what has to be the healthiest fast-food meal on the market today.

But for person who walks into a Subway with their waistline in mind, there are others who couldn’t care less about nutritional value. And Subway has plenty of options for them. From a meatball sub to a mayo-laden tuna sandwich, it’s pretty easy to go overboard with a 6-inch sub, let alone a 12-inch, which is basically the equivalent of saying "Super-size me!" to your sandwich artist. And don’t forget, you can add everything from bacon to pepperoni to extra cheese to your sandwiches, elevating its caloric content to astronomical heights.


So click here to learn which 10 items on Subway’s everyday menu contain the most fat, calories, sodium, and cholesterol. And while it might seem that these are all Footlongs, all the nutritional info is actually for 6-inch subs, with no cheese when specified.