Subway Rolling Out 'Creamy Sriracha Sauce'

The popular Asian hot sauce is making its fast-food debut
Wikimedia Commons/ ttony


Sriracha, the spicy Asian-inspired hot sauce that’s found its way into pantries across the nation in recent years, is making its fast-food debut. It’s been spotted in at least one outpost of the Subway sandwich shop chain in California, and might be gearing up for a national rollout.

The now-ubiquitous spicy/sweet/smoky sauce was first spotted in Santa Ana, Calif., by Foodbeast, who said it "had a mayo-like consistency and was less sweet and much more spicy."

As opposed to applying the straight sauce, which packs a serious wallop, to sandwiches, this concoction is mixed with mayonnaise to tone it down a bit. It’s still spicy, though, and that’s possibly why it’s being tested in a region more used to fiery foods.


It’s only being offered in the area "for a limited time," but if it takes off we just might be seeing the condiment that was until recently a cult favorite join the ranks of mayo, mustard, and sweet onion teriyaki sauce.