Subway Breaks World Record

Subway Restaurant breaks a world record with the help of New York Giant’s defensive end Justin Tuck

Subway restaurants broke Guinness World Record.

Subway Restaurants officially broke a Guinness World Record August 15, by constructing the most subs made at the same time by the largest group of people. New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck was on hand to help the Subway team conquer their feat.

In a huddled mass at the Times Center in New York City, over 250 sandwich artists amassed a total of 254 foot-long subs, officially breaking the world record. In preparation for the event, the team had a practice round to make sure they would be able to complete their task. In total, 555 sandwiches were made, but the record breaking number stands at 254.

Each sub-maker had five minutes to make their sandwich, but many finished their subs in one to two minutes.

The spectacle used 189 pounds of avocado, more than 444 pounds of roast beef, ham, and turkey, and more than 275 pounds of fresh vegetables.

The event celebrated the end of Subway’s “Avocado Season,” where customers can add avocado to any of their subs, wraps, and breakfast sandwiches.  Subway's "Avocado Season" will wrap up at the end of this month.

All of the subs and left over products were immediately donated to City Harvest, a New York City based organization that feeds the homeless according to Rory Haden, owner of Omnigage, the marketing firm behind the event.

Sean Flynn is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @BuffaloFlynn.