Steakhouse Settles Lawsuit Over Racist Receipt

Another racist receipt case pops up, this time involving the 'N word'

Landmark Steakhouse in Orange County, Calif., recently settled with an African-American businessman who filed a federal lawsuit after finding derogatory names on his receipts.

Terms of the settlement have not been announced; the receipts reportedly had the derogatory "N" word on them, as well as nicknames such as "McCottonwood."

The plaintiff, Mark McHenry, would visit the Orange County restaurant and bar two to three times a week. McHenry claims the workers would sometimes comment, "Black is the new white," but let it go.

After one visit, however, McHenry "reviewed his receipts and was 'appalled' to see 'Mc Stinky' followed by the N-word in the space designated for customer name on one credit card receipt. On a second receipt the customer name was listed as 'Mc' followed by a combination of the first half of the N-word and the four-letter S-word profanity for excrement," MSNBC reports.

The bartender reportedly sent McHenry apologetic texts, saying, "Just wanted to apologize for that tab, dude. You know we were totally jokin’ around." The bartender has since been fired.

This is the latest in the news concering racist namecalling on receipts. In December, Chick-fil-A apologized for a cashier who named two Asian customers "Ching" and "Chong" on their receipts. In January, Papa John's apologized for a receipt calling a woman "lady chinky eyes." Both employees were fired as a result.

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