Staten Island’s Pier 76 Serves Gluten-Free Italian Food

Take the ferry to sample some of New York’s best Italian fare

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Delicious gluten-free pizza can be hard to find, but Pier 76 has perfected it.

It’s true that Manhattan has boundless restaurants, cafés, and eatery options, but smart New Yorkers know that to get the best ethnic food, you must head to the outer boroughs.

Some venture to Queens for Greek and Indian food, or to the Bronx for Italian cuisine on Arthur Avenue, and Brooklyn is fast becoming a borough brimming with boundless culinary delights. However, a lesser-known food destination is my hometown of Staten Island, or as many natives affectionately refer to it, “The Rock.” If you want great Italian food and even better pizza, it’s worth taking the Staten Island ferry to Pier 76.

My own humble restaurant beginnings began by serving up savory pizzas at Joe and Pat’s Pizzeria, one of the best casual-Italian restaurants in the city. I worked all throughout high school and college there, making extra money while learning a deep appreciation for the art of pizza making and the restaurant industry in general. During my tenure there, I became friends with one of the owners’ son and fellow pizza aficionado, Jeremy PappalardoWe spent years working together and developed a wonderful friendship. In 2010, Jeremy and his business partner, Joe Guastavino, opened Pier 76 down by the ferry in the St. George area of Staten Island.

The duo couldn’t have picked a better location for their pizza business. Within the last few years, St. George has skyrocketed in popularity. Their restaurant is in walking distance from the Staten Island Yankees’ stadium (where fans can get a slice or a calzone from Pier 76 while taking in a game), and it’ll soon become the home of the Staten Island Ferris Wheel, along with a sensational 500,000-square-foot outlet mall. "What I also greatly appreciate about the menu at Pier 76 is its gluten-free options."

While location is arguably everything, what’s really paramount is the food. Pier 76’s pizza is reminiscent of the pizza I grew up with at Joe and Pat’s. Its thin crust is still sturdy and addictive and makes it quite easy to scarf down a few slices without even feeling a trace of fullness. The pizza is a must if you swing by, but there are many other dishes you should stay for like the eggplant fries, the lobster mac-n-cheese, or Jeremy’s favorite: the fiocchi and pear pasta.

What I also greatly appreciate about the menu at Pier 76 is its gluten-free options. For those who suffer from gluten intolerance or Celiac disease like I do, you will feel completely at ease and quite happy when dining here. My absolute favorite is the gluten-free vodka pie. I am a big fan of Jeremy’s flavorful vodka sauce, so if you opt for another pizza topping (might I suggest broccoli rabe and sausage), then try it on their gluten-free pasta. A close second to the vodka pie for me would be the gluten-free pasta with grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella.

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Before or after your meal, be sure to grab a drink or two at the bar. It’s very much a local Staten Island crowd that gathers together to watch sports and throw back a few pints after a long day. I recently dropped by Pier 76 after the Five Borough Bike Tour and found locals mixing with excited tourists. They were there and I was there all in the name of good pizza and a cold drink, where everyone feels like family.