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Food Waste: This State Is Wasting the Most Per Capita

More food is being thrown out here than anywhere else
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Eating is a major part of life, and the right foods can even lead to better heart health, a sharper mind and more. But although food is a vital part of everyone’s lives, there are some places where food is wasted at an alarming rate. 

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The goal of a September 2019 study by the U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC was to determine which states spend the most money on wasted food. Following the United States Department of Agriculture’s estimate that the U.S. wastes 31% of its food, the study determined how much money each state spends on food that will eventually be wasted over each year. Each result, in turn, can be divided by every state’s population to show us an average of how much each person is spending on food that will be wasted.

According to the study, the state that wastes the most food in the country is Vermont. The study found that in Vermont, an average of $1,374.24 worth of food is wasted per capita.


Although Vermont may waste the most food, many other states also throw away surprising amount. Here are the other states that waste the most and least amount of food.