Starbucks Japan Invents Cookie Frappuccino

Japan’s new Frappuccino flavor has a whole cookie in it

Starbucks Japan's new summer flavor is a vanilla Frappuccino with a whole cookie blended into it.

The world will never stop seeking out new ways to enjoy cookies and milk, and Starbucks Japan has provided a new one in the form of a vanilla Frappuccino with a whole cookie crumbled up inside.

According to Rocket News 24, the Crunchy Cookie Frappuccino is a limited-time offering for this summer. It’s made with a vanilla Frappuccino base, almonds, and chocolate chunk cookie clusters. The cookie is just broken up and blended right inside the Frappuccino, so it’s like cookies and milk except without any of the tiresome dunking involved.

The cookies are reportedly specially formulated versions of Starbucks’ standard chocolate chunk cookie that have been baked for an extra long time so they say crispy when submerged in the Frappuccino without getting soggy and turning to mush.


The Crunchy Cookie Frappuccino will be available from May 12 through August 31, and can be customized with coffee or espresso shots, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, and cinnamon.