The Stanton Social: A Lower East Side Party with Seriously Fun Food

A Lower East Side Party with Seriously Fun Food

The French onion soup dumplings are things of beauty.

Chris Santos’ Stanton Social could easily be only a scene, a place to see and be seen without much care given to the food. But don’t get me wrong: Stanton Social is first and foremost a restaurant, and a good one at that. We had the opportunity to drop in for brunch recently, and while the joint was jumping, service was spot-on and the menu of small plates was accessible, fun, and most of all, delicious.

If you want to feel like royalty, get Brunch at Stanton Social and order a bunch of food, and tell them to bring it out whenever it’s ready. You’ll be met with a flurry of courses, each plate a perfectly composed collection of perfect little bites. But instead of your more common super-pretentious small plate collection, these are whimsical and for the most part miniature versions of classic dishes. Come with a few others, and come hungry.

Ricotta fritters with raspberry jelly are creamy and somehow gooey, even though they’re cooked through. Sliders including bacon or sausage, egg, and cheese on a buttermilk biscuit and encapsulate the best part of breakfast in a few bites. Croque monsieur ‘satays’ are little skewers holding neatly composed little sandwiches. Pierogies get a surprise hit of truffle. Chicken ‘n waffles comes with brick-pressed fried chicken, waffles made with aged cheddar, corn pudding, and a hit of balsamic-spiked maple syrup, and are deeply satisfying. And finally, Santos’ famous French onion soup dumplings are one thing that everyone should experience at least once. Pull the dumpling through its cloak of melted Gruyere, pop it in your mouth, and a flood of classic French onion soup floods out. It’s impossible not to eat one of these and smile.

So check out Stanton Social if you haven’t. It’s not just a haven for the beautiful people; it’s a fun restaurant with stellar service, a lively atmosphere, and some of the most enticing small dishes you’ll ever encounter.