Spotlight: Pottery Barn

Staff Writer
Up next in our Where to Shop for Your Home Series, the rustic charm that is Pottery Barn

The rustic charm that Pottery Barn exudes is just one of the reasons that it's popularity is off the charts.

Even back in 1949 when Pottery Barn was founded by the Secon brothers in San Francisco, they focused on the idea of cozy, and if you’re a fan of Pottery Barn and the warm, pleasant ambiance it exudes, you know that their mission is still intact.

The company was created with the idea that your home should be a haven, an escape where you can enjoy every room, from bathroom to living room to kitchen and even to the back porch, comfortably. Their idea of home is one that is effortless, inspiring, and helps to create great memories.

With a serious knack for design and craftsmanship, the brand not only spills out into Pottery Barn Kids and PB Teen, but it exercises the importance of well-crafted furniture by offering design and crafting classes thorough the year to customers .

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Certainly a highbrow brand, its pieces and products ooze a certain aesthetic that makes them totally worthy of every penny. The shop is ideal for accent pieces and organizing as well .