Spotlight: Marimekko

Bold prints and signature styles are all that is Marimekko.

This story begins with a good network of friends. When Viljo and Armi Ratia failed at an oilcloth factory project, the factory was converted to a garment factory and the rest was history. Marimekko was born.

The couple reached out to artist pals to take their graphic designs and turn them into textiles, prints that became so popular they became the staple of the mod generation in the '60s. The dresses even earned a place (or six) in first lady Jackie Kennedy’s closet, who was a serious trendsetter then and still is years after her death.

The brand’s iconic prints — the Unikko , a big, bold poppy print, and a simple red and white stripe — became staples in the wardrobes of many and influenced countless people during that time. The latter part of the '60s brought on a partnership with Crate & Barrel, which still stands, as well as housewares, dinnerware, toys, and interior design.

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The brand has had tremendous successes, from being an internationally beloved brand to dressing trendsetters from generation to generation. While the company was born from fashion, the colorful and vibrant collections that they bring to the table speak for themselves.