Spotlight: Jonathan Adler

Up next in our Where to Shop for Your Home series, the always quirky and bold, Jonathan Adler

Welcome to the quirky, charismatic world of Jonathan Adler.

The cheeky charm that is the Jonathan Adler brand was simply born from a ceramics collection. Kind of random, isn’t it? Well, not so random if it that collection was debuted at Madison Avenue’s Barneys New York, —a serious destination for the sophisticated shopper.

After launching his collection in 1994 at the store, —just five years later his curious genius spilled out into home furnishings, and now there are more than twenty 20 Jonathan Adler stores nationwide with and a booming online business to match.  It doesn’t hurt that Adler is one half of a powerhouse duo —with his life partner being is Simon Doonan, the Barneys cCreative aAmbassador and a serious influence in the design world.

As a potterAlthough Adler started as a potter, but his whimsical eye and really detailed look on how tway ofo building up a room with accents areis what makes him a serious success.

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