Spotlight: Bed Bath & Beyond

Up next in our Where to Shop for Your Home series, the source for college kids, couples, and families alike

Finding a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon in the folds of a magazine, newspaper, or in the mail is like striking gold, because you know you’re going to need it for something sooner or later. The brand, which is your source for nearly everything involving stocking, decorating, and furnishing your home — even the kitchen sink (all puns intended!) — is like nothing else out there.

The home superstore is the source for everyday living supplies, which has made it practically a mandatory destination for college kids prepping for dorm life and for soon-to-be newlyweds who are registering for their soon-to-be homes.

Ideal for organization, cleaning, and seasonal products, the brand spills out into A-to-Z goods for cooking as well as supplying services for storage treatments for your home, from closets to cabinets and the outdoors.


Bed Bath & Beyond is simply the source for utility in your home.