Spotlight: Anthropologie

Anthropolohie's magical world of bohemian lifestyle will kill you, in the best way possible.

We can't count the number of times we've heard the words "I want to live in Anthropologie."

Forget its actual products, which range from fashion to shoes to home décor and even spills into wedding must-haves with sister brand BHLDN, it’s the way the brand presents them that brings loyal consumers in droves.
Anthropologie embodies a relaxed, romantic, and whimsical lifestyle that many women want to have — and it’s the way they merchandise that keeps the customers coming back for more, looking for inspiration and to stock their cabinets, furnish their homes, and fill their closets.

A Pennsylvania-born brand that’s owned by Urban Outfitters, the pull behind Anthropologie’s allure is that it sells the whole package — it’s the mentality that if you like this dress, you’ll love this tablecloth, the candles that match, and the quirky dish towels to match as well.

From its one-of-a kind furnishings and well-curated vintage finds to a fantastic collection of cookbooks and doorknobs, Anthropologie has completely captured its target demographic: passionate people who enjoy fashion, art, and entertaining. Basically, all of us.

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With 20 years under their belt, more than 145 stores nationwide, and shipping to 180 countries worldwide, Anthro is only getting bigger, better, and more beautiful as it ages.