Sorry Tourists, Airbnb Illegal in New York

A judge rules that Airbnb will stay illegal in New York City, meaning you won't be able to take over someone else's kitchen

Sorry enterprisiing tourists planning to visit New York City; you might just have to stick with a pricey hotel.

Fast Company reports that a judge has upheld a decision deeming Airbnb rentals illegal in New York, as it violates an illegal hotel law, preventing residents from renting out property for less than 29 days. The law was meant to prevent landlords from turning residential properties into hotels.

Airbnb, which allows home-owners and city dwellers to rent out their apartment while they are away to make some extra cash, has become a godsend for travelers looking for cheap places to stay, garnering a feature in The New York Times' T Magazine.

Naturally, Airbnb is none too happy about this, saying, "This decision makes it even more critical that New York law be clarified to make sure regular New Yorkers can occasionally rent out their own homes." According to Airbnb, 97 percent of Airbnb hosts in New York only list the home they live in, as opposed to landlords creating illegal hotels.


So does this mean you might miss out on snooping through New Yorkers' apartments and trying out their tiny kitchens (instead of spending money on overpriced hotel restaurants)? Perhaps not; Fast Company notes that the city will only enforce the rule when a complaint is filed. So you can still rent out someone's tiny studio in Chelsea with the galley kitchen on the down-low.