Soon, You Can Buy Your Overpriced Disney Turkey Leg with a Bracelet

Disney Parks is launching a system called MyMagic+ that allows you to do everything with a rubber bracelet

Somebody in the Disney corporate universe thought, "Spending money at Disneyland is so hard. Let's make it easier, shall we?" and proceeded to create a wristband that connects to our credit cards. Lovely.

The New York Times reports that new technological developments at Disney Parks will soon allow visitors to to pay for food, gifts, and get Fastpass tickets through rubber bracelets encoded with their information.

MyMagic+ connects users with a website and app My Disney Experience, where users can preselect three Fastpasses before even arriving at the park (saving those beeline runs to Space Mountain in the morning), grab VIP seats for parades and fireworks, and load up their credit card information to save time when buying those end-of-the-day churros.

The scary part of it all, however, is that MyMagic+ will also allow Disney to track your behavior. Meeting Snow White? Buying three turkey drumsticks? Getting on the teacup ride? All of these motions can be tracked, and an online menu means you can program it so park employees know your name. Imagine meeting the evil queen and having her address you by name. Yikes.


On the bright side, you won't have to worry about losing your Fastpass ticket, or perhaps your wallet or hotel key card. And for security purposes, guests will have to enter a PIN when buying anything more than $50. We just imagine a rating system for food to be in the works next, so MyMagic+ can help recommend any of Disney's overpriced food options whenever you're hungry.