Someone Went and Put a Hot Dog on a Chocolate Éclair

And people in Canada are buying it. Why?

Following along the lines of the donut burger and bacon sundaes, here's another sweet/savory combo that it totally buggin' us out.

Maple Lodge Farms debuted what they're calling The Éclair Dog at the Canadian National Exhibition, and while everything else on their menu seems totally normal (Crunchy Mexican Wrap, Salsalitta on a bun) The Éclair Dog is exactly what it sounds like: a hot dog on a chocolate éclair, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. We vote gross, but one commenter does point out, "It's one of things that might be good on accident like ice cream and French fries, ya dig?"

Unfortunately, the Canadian National Exhibition ended Sept. 3, but this should be easy enough to make at home. Even better, swap out the éclair for a chocolate donut. Sans choux pastry, the combination of donuts, whipped cream, and hot dogs will make the whole experience that much more American.