Someone Made an Easter Egg Out of 24 Slices of Bacon

Bacon Egg: Part of a healthy and hearty breakfast! Well...maybe just hearty.

Have you ever wished your Easter egg was just a bit meatier? Englishman Mike Gurman has made your bacon dreams come true by inventing the perfect heart-attack-in-an-egg basket creation: An Easter egg made entirely out of bacon and filled with sausage and blood pudding. Gurman came up with the idea after he noticed that so many people give up chocolate for Lent. Seems like a natural, healthy alternative.

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"The internet has an obsession with bacon and in my brain I wondered if someone had already made an Easter egg out of bacon, but I couldn’t find anything like it,” Gurman told The Daily Star.

So how did he do it? Gurman used two halves of an oval-shaped pie dish to cook the two halves of bacon, and then wove the bacon together into the egg shape, and popped it in the oven. The middle is filled with Cumberland sausages and some fried slices of black pudding. Alongside the bacon egg are some elements of the traditional English and Irish breakfasts of fried tomato, mushroom, potato slices, fried bread, baked beans, and a fried egg.

You can find the recipe and other creations by Gurman on the Atomic Shrimp website. 


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