Soda vs. Pop? Twitter Answers the Age-Old Question

Surprise: most people say neither 'soda' nor 'pop'

What's next, the chicken or the egg? For those of you still wondering whether to say "soda" or "pop" when referring to your sugary drink, one researcher took on the trouble and analyzed Twitter data to answer your question.

Edwin Chen, a data scientist at Twitter, geo-tagged every tweet with the mention of "soda," "pop," or "coke" to see who was saying what, where. (And yes, any tweet that specifically referred to Coca-Cola was taken out.) So what did he find: "Soda" rules the two coasts, "pop" is king in the Midwest, and the South only drinks "coke."

Chen on his blog also compared his data to a similar study done in 2002, which showed that "pop" was much more prevalent in conversations coast to coast. And when he compared it to tweets worldwide, he found that "pop" is really only said in Canada and the U.S.

Check out Chen's infographic and figure out what's most commonly said in your part of the country — it'll save you from looking like the idiot still saying "pop."