'SNL' Parodies Paula Deen Lawsuit

They take on the queen of Southern cooking again

Kristen Wiig as Paula Deen

SNL's classic Paula Deen butter towels sketch is an office favorite, but the comedy show's latest take on the queen of Southern cooking is pretty amazing.

Weekend Update interviewed Kristen Wiig's Paula Deen about the scandalous sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former general manager. "Those allegations are as stupid as fat-free cream cheese," SNL Deen says in the clip below. "And that's as stupid as stupid can get."

As for Bubba Hier's alleged porn habits, "I love Twinkies," she explains. "So one day I'm just Googling 'Twinkies' up a storm and one of my butter covered fingers slipped and I clicked on 'twink.' Well next thing you know I'm lookin' at two young men shakin' their dangalangs just as fast as you can imagine being shook at you. You ever have that happen to you Seth?"

Now, the very serious N-word allegation also gets a response, with SNL Deen saying, "I would rather diet and exercise than use the N word." Then again, she does think that refers to "nutrition." Watch below.