'SNL' Parodies Padma Leash Me, Top Dog Chef

Watch the 'SNL' skit featuring Padma Leash Me, with dog chef Mario Barktali

We knew the day would come when Saturday Night Live would parody Padma Lakshmi and her gang from Top Chef. Guy Fieri and Paula Deen already got their own characters, after all.

Saturday, when Jennifer Lawrence hosted the comedy show, SNL whipped out Top Dog Chef, hosted by Padma Leash Me, Tom Collie-cio, and guest judge Mario Barktali. The challenge? "Create a dish using only ingredients from this torn-open garbage bag." The catch: "At random intervals we rang a doorbell." Naturally, the dogs just couldn't ignore the doorbell. They should've added a squeaky toy.

Dishes included "vomit two ways" and "an egg shell, a candy bar wrapper, and a piece of cat poop." The loser, unfortunately, ended up eating his dish before judging (the dish included a sock). Next up on Top Dog Chef: cats. Let's hope this is a reocurring skit, as dogs and food are always a win at The Daily Meal. Watch the entire clip below.

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