Snacks Might Just Be the Next Hot Menu Item

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Next year, expect snacks on snacks on snacks

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

On their list of top trends to watch for in 2013, the National Restaurant Association listed "half-portions/smaller portions for a smaller price." Which basically translates to: snacks.

TIME has compiled all these predictions saying the exact same thing about snacks: they're next. Restaurant consultants Baum & Whiteman called it the "Snackification of America" in a trend report, saying plenty of smaller food options willl pop up at "fast-food chains, adding impulse revenue to between-meal shoulder hours." So those impulse cheesecake pops from Starbucks when you're having a bad day? All part of their plan.

Meanwhile, Andrew Freeman & Co. says smaller menu items will be big (read: snacks) like toasties (bits of toast with delicious toppings like prosciutto), or "one-bite wonders."

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The snack trend may have evolved from the increase in bar food, which has become a staple at any classy booze establishment. So expect to see more sliders at fast-casual chains, and mac and cheese bites at your local bar.