Chefs Take Cheetos, Doritos, and Chex Mix Gourmet


Duck fat Chex Mex?!

Chefs and home cooks have long been integrating iconic snack foods into dishes, but food newsletter The Tasting Table recently highlighted sic of their favorite mashups from all over the country, and there are some fun and exciting ones you may not have heard of, including Cheetos Macaroons, Doritos Chicken Salad Sandwich, and Duck Fat Chex Mix, which is considered “The ultimate party flavor.”

Kalisa Martin, director of the Tasting Table, recently told the Daily News, “As fun and as fancy as the restaurant scene may get, there’s always room for nostalgia and comfort. It’s a reminder that chefs are just like us.”


Are these dishes worthy of your party menu? The flavors are definitely intriguing (the Cheetos Macaroons combine Cheetos puffs with white chocolate!), and the taste of nostalgia could add a fun vibe to any party theme. For more recipes and inspiration on how to transform basic snacks into gourmet dishes, check out 7 Things You Didn't Think You Could Make with Potato Chips and 12 Ways to Spice Up Your Popcorn and take your party food up a notch.