Smuggled Liquor Found in Coffin

Customs agents found illicit alcohol instead of a body

The Svinesund Bridge, where customs agents recently busted some smugglers for trying to sneak illegal spirits in a coffin.

Norwegian customs officials really didn’t want to have to open a coffin that was supposed to be carrying a dead body yesterday, but when they finally did, they uncovered a smugglers’ trove of illicit booze and cigarettes.

According to The Local, customs officials received a casket supposedly containing the body of a dead man who was allegedly being sent home to Norway yesterday after passing away in Sweden. The story seemed to make sense enough, but they just couldn’t shake the suspicion that something was not right about the situation. When they did crack the casket, the officers were probably relieved to find it contained no body at all. Instead of someone’s departed uncle, they found 500 liters of smuggled liquor and 20,000 cigarettes, all crammed into the person-sized space and given a fake name and date of death.

“It demonstrates just how imaginative smugglers can be,” said Paul Home of the Ostfold Police.

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The would-be smugglers were busted at the checkpoint at the Svinesund Bridge, which crosses to Norway from Sweden about 60 miles south of Oslo.