Slow Food Speeds Up Diners' Appetites

Slow Food UK Week sings the praises of savory sustainable snacks

Diners yearning for a break from fast food can celebrate the philosophy of slow food during Slow Food UK Week through June 24. Slow Food UK Week features culinary events showcasing the benefits of slow food and serves up meals cooked by chef members of the Slow Food UK Chef Alliance.

Slow Food is a movement started in 1986 by Carlo Petrini that is dedicated to encouraging a healthy alternative to the fast-food phenomenon. Slow Food seeks to preserve local ingredients, promote the farming of organic and sustainable foods, and educate followers on maintaining mindful culinary lifestyles.

Throughout the week, 15 chefs from restaurants across England, Scotland, and Wales are creating exclusive slow food menus for diners to taste.

"Our chefs will champion Forgotten Foods with special Slow Food UK menus, share their insights in vibrant talks, and open their doors for the first ever Slow Food Crawl," said Catherine Gazzoli, CEO of Slow Food organization.

Other events not to miss include Wednesday's "Canape Crawl," during which participants take a culinary tour of London restaurants and bars including Alessandro Grano's Androuet cheese shop, and demonstrations like "Rediscovering Beef: A Journey Round the Caracase" in Perth, where guests are taught to identify the distinctions between different cuts of meat.

Gelato and whiskey tastings are on Thursday and all weekend events can be enjoyed on the grounds of the Taste of London festival.