A Slice of Northern Italy in Midtown

Seoul native Executive Chef Chad Brown cooks fresh and exacting Italian dishes at Davio's

Try this roasted baby beet and goat cheese salad drizzled with a beet vinaigrette.

There's a book about Chef-Restaurateur Steve DiFillippo, the man behind Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse's steady proliferation from Boston southward to Atlanta, Philly, and now NYC. "It had been a longtime goal of mine to open a Davio's Manhattan", says DiFillippo and now it's a reality at 451 Lexington near Grand Central. Di Fillippo's book entitled It's All About the Guest says it all about what to expect here. Davio's Manhattan offers a striking array of seating options for such a relatively compact space. To your left at the entrance is a small outdoor patio.

Head downstairs to the reception and to your right, Davio’s Chef’s Table surrounded by high top tables overlooks an open kitchen showcasing an open-flame pizza oven. And on the 27th floor, a 75-seat outdoor enclosed roof deck awaits. Seoul native Executive Chef Chad Brown cooks up super fresh and exacting Italian dishes. The linguini with Razor & Manila clams decisively wafts briny ocean while greens in salads like their roasted baby beet and goat cheese drizzled with a beet vinaigrette exude just-picked-from- the-garden vibrancy even in the dead of NYC winters. Chef Brown believes, “If you can do it right, it works. What I like best is getting precise with my sharpest knives on prime cuts ranging from our center cut Filet Mignon to Yellow Fin tuna.”

Sommelier Chris Sweet superbly pairs your dish with a selection from from Davio's backlit 425 bottle mother lode displayed on mahogany racks. He also crafts seasonal cocktails based on fresh harvested ingredients like roasted Habanero, and mole bitters in their Nebbia and Chardonnay infused Spring 44 handcrafted vodka with organic white grapes in their First Press. The resulting flavor profiles give you the sense these cocktails were prepared in the kitchen garden instead of at the bar.


You didn't think you were leaving without dessert did you? Refreshing sweets like espresso topped gelato and silky Brule are best accompanied by a glass of Poli Absente, a fine Puglian grappa.