Caffeinated Maple Syrup Makes Coffee Look Like a Major Wimp

One tablespoon of this syrup will give you more caffeine than an energy drink. Yikes

Caffeine die-hards who get triple shots of espresso every morning might want to opt for this cheaper fix: ThinkGeek's caffeinated maple syrup.

The online store, which also sells caffeinated brownies and gum, basically lets you have breakfast and coffee in one; one tablespoon reportedly has 84 milligrams of caffeine. The energy drink BAWLS only has 80 mililgrams of caffeine every 10 ounces. Maple syrup: 1; Energy Drinks: 0.

Of course, ThinkGeek is touting this syrup as "really delicious maple syrup (with nothing artificial in it) loaded with caffeine." A 16.5-ounce bottle goes for $12.99, and while in theory this sounds genius, the double-whammy of sugar and caffeine might be too much for us. Not only would we accidentally pour too much over a stack of waffles, our sleepy selves might accidentally serve this syrup to kids. Who knows what an already-hyper 8-year-old will do with three tablespoons of this stuff? Let's save this for adults only, please.