Simple Ways to Incorporate Pumpkin Into Dinner

Warm recipes to cook through winter with the seasonal gourd

You know about pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread, and you’ve certainly had your fill of pumpkin pie. But, did you realize there are incredible recipes that take pumpkin and turn it into a savory meal?

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The glories of a pumpkin spice latte aside, savory pumpkin dishes can be comforting once the cold weather comes through, with their fall flavor and smooth texture. We’ve pulled together a dozen incredible pumpkin recipes, from Pumpkin Enchiladas to Pumpkin Mac and Cheese for you to peruse, recipes that are both vivid in color and flavor. Even pasta gets revamped with a little pumpkin flavor.

Check out these incredible pumpkin recipes (just wait until you try the vegan pumpkin pizza, perfect with a couple of sage leaves and a squeeze of lemon) and turn dinner tonight into a fall feast, with heartening entrées like pumpkin chili that even the little kids will enjoy.

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— Brooke McLay, Babble