Simon Cowell Starting Up Food Show

He's teaming up with Gordon Ramsay! People are so going to cry

Simon Cowell, Hosting Cooking Show

Food really is the new empire — Simon Cowell, of  American Idol and X-Factor fame, will be hosting a cooking competition show to find the best home-cooked meal in Britain.

Cowell (well-known for his harsh words to singers) will be teaming up with Gordon Ramsay's production crew for a UK prime-time show called, Food, Glorious Food, which some people are jokingly calling "Eggs Factor."

From the Sun: "Producers will stage regional heats from next month, where budding chefs must prove that their recipe celebrates British food — and also has a story behind it. Winners will face a series of challenges involving their dish in the semi-final and final, and be judged by a panel of 'experts.'" The winner gets £20,000, ($31,154), plus their dish gets sold at Marks & Spencer, a giant British retailer.

Cowell reportedly wants the show to rival MasterChef, which is ambitious. But if they ever get Cowell and Ramsay on camera together, angry sparks are going to fly. Also, someone please tell us there is singing involved somewhere.