Shoppers Want More Chinese, Italian Ingredients in Supermarkets

A survey found that more shoppers want worldly ingredients in their supermarkets

More and more shoppers are eager for ethnic foods.

Oh good, it looks like home cooks are getting more adventurous. According to a survey from ShopperVista, commissioned by IGD, 75 percent of shoppers surveyed wanted more "world foods" in supermarkets.

Obviously, "world foods" would mean different things in different countries, but it turns out that there is a general ranking for what items would be the most popular. Food Navigator reports that Chinese items would be the most popular, followed by Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Spanish, and Greek. French, Caribbean, and American foods finished up the top 10 list.


In London alone, the survey says, 88 percent of shoppers want a wider variety of food, which might mean that London's food scene is getting better (and expanding beyond the meat pies of the past). "Most of us are traveling abroad and sampling world cuisines," Joanne Denny Finch of IGD told Food Navigator. "We want to continue enjoying exotic tastes when we get home." Or, you know, some of us might just stick to ramen.