Shocking Golden Corral Scandal Goes Viral

An employee at a Florida Golden Corral films meat and buffet food hidden outside by the dumpsters to be served after inspection

The Golden Corral Subreddit

Brandon Huber, a longtime Golden Corral employee, has taken to YouTube to expose what the Port Orange, Fla., location of the chain restaurant is really serving — "all-you-can-eat ribs by the dumpster." The two videos that were posted last week by Huber clearly show trays full of raw meat and other buffet foods that are stored out in the open, behind several dumpsters in the back lot, amid a natural fly frenzy. Huber’s second video is a follow-up to the first, suggesting that the food in the first video was wheeled back into the restaurant after an inspection and served to buffet-craving diners. reports that a representative with Golden Corral claimed that none of the items in Huber’s video were actually served to customers and were "disposed of within an hour of being outside." On the Golden Corral Facebook page and on Huber’s YouTube video, the official Golden Corral account commented and claimed that Huber was in fact involved with the disposal of the food kept by the dumpster and that Huber’s father tried selling the video for $5,000 prior to its posting. Regardless of whether this is a setup or a hoax, anti-Golden Corral content has poured in on, exposing other "everyday conditions" in the back rooms of numerous Golden Corral locations.

With tons of complaints, tweets, and posts from nauseated, disgusted, and angry, customers pouring in, one wonders if the restaurant chain has seen its final days. Watch the two videos below.