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Shaved Asparagus, Arugula, and Parmesan

Shaved Asparagus Salad
Yasmin Fahr

Shaved Asparagus Salad

I can't deny it, my mandolin still scares me a little. But, I swallow my fear and use it for this delicious spring salad. Thinly shaved raw asparagus adds crunch to this lemony and nutty salad. It's great alongside grilled meats or fish, but also works as a meal on its own.

Since the ingredients are so simple, it really tastes best with the freshest produce possible (especially when in season). 



  • 10-12 asparagus spears (depending on size)
  • ¼ pound arugula, washed and dried
  • Hunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt and fresh ground black pepper


Using a mandolin, shave the asparagus into thin ribbons in a bowl. Roughly chop or tear them to break them apart. Add the arugula and some shavings of cheese. In a bowl, mix the juice with equal parts olive oil and mix. Pour over the salad, toss, then season with a little bit of salt (you'll be adding more cheese, so don't over do it) and pepper. Toss again and taste. 

Let sit for about 10 minutes for the dressing to be absorbed and soften up the asparagus. Add more cheese shavings (or little chunks if you'd like), toss once more and serve.